You can download the software from the official sourceforge project page

Getting Java

The software requires Java Runtime installed on your computer. You can get Java here.

Downloading Sphaerica

To run Sphaerica on you Mac, you need to download the sphaerica.jar file from sourceforge. See the list of files for the latest version.

Running the program

Mac OS X

Once you downloaded the file, right click on it. Select Jar Launcher from the Open With  menu.


To run Sphaerica on Windows you can download sphaerica.jar or the prepared sphaerica.exe executable file.


To run Sphaerica on Linux, please download the sphaerica.jar file from sourceforge. When done, open a terminal and cd to the directory in which you downloaded the file. Execute java -jar sphaerica-*.jar command to run the program.