This is the official web site of the sphaerica project. This site contains information on getting, installing and using the software. You can also find small lectures on spherical geometry and other interesting mathematical topics here.

Sphaerica is an interactive spherical geometry software. The software can be used to create geometrical constructions on a spherical surface using various tools such as curves, intersection points and polygons. Being interactive means that you can change the conditions of a construction anytime.
The aim of the project is to develop an useful tool for both education and research.
  • Free movement on the sphere and zoom
  • Many construction tools
  • Export to vector graphics
  • You can create simple animations
  • In English and Hungarian languages
  • Orthographic and Stereographic projection
  • You can create complex constructions using Javascript
  • File handling, and advanced undo/redo mechanism
  • Angles in radians, gradians or degrees
  • This is an open source software.

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